Blue Badge Misuse Community Resolution 15/10/14

Blue Badge Misuse

Image of a blue badge


Currently when an offender is caught misusing the blue badge the council will either issue a warning letter or prosecute the individual. A third option is being considered, a Community Resolution.  When a criminal offence is committed regarding Blue Badge Misuse, the offender would be required to attend a session at a council office, where they watch a video and sign the police community resolution. This means gives the chance for disabled people to convey the negative impacts from their point of view.

At this meeting we had a talk from Yvonne Hervey (council) and Pc Deniro (police).

Please click the following: Blue Badge meeting structure

Please click here for the minutes: GIG Blue Badge Misuse Consultation Minutes

For more info on the current Blue Badge Scheme:


4 comments on “Blue Badge Misuse Community Resolution 15/10/14
  1. Anonymous says:

    hi I am replying to an email that has been sent to me from Lucille Powers I understand that you are looking for actors for a film clip.
    My name is Neil Gower and I live in cello court Somerset street.
    I worked with Lucille on Mods and Rockers at the Dome on my mobility scooter. in a previous life I did stunt driving in films and TV along with banger racing.

    emails can be sent to my partner.

    • Hi there, I have sent an email in response via your partner but have had no response yet. If you are interested in attending the meeting or giving your contact details to be contacted near film production time, please let me know.
      Kind regards,
      Robin Pickett

  2. *UPDATE follow -up questions for Yvonne Harvey*

    I’m still waiting to hear back from City Clean regarding the bin question. But I can answer that

    Unfortunately it is necessary to fill in the complete form when renewing every 3 years. I don’t anticipate that the forms will get smaller.Although I am hoping that we will be able to check council tax records in the future which will stop the need to provide proof of address.

    When a vehicle is towed we notify the police so the driver is expected to call either the Police non emergency number or Parking services.

    Just to give you an update. We were successful in the bid to central government and have been awarded £183,000 for tackle Blue badge misuse. We will be going ahead with the community resolution including the video and we are expecting it to lead to far more prosecutions.

  3. *UPDATE*
    I am pleased to announce that the Community Resolution video has now been made by Sussex Police, starring two of our very own GIG members Graham Oulton and Dawn Baldwin!
    We will share the link to the video below once it has been finalised!
    Yvonne tells us that ‘we have our first 30 community resolution orders in process and will be completed on the 28th April 2015.
    We also have a number of prosecutions (approximately 9) in the pipeline and have 15th may as a date of summons at court.’

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