Graham Oulton – Overgrown greens and Uneven Pavements

2014-07-22 10.40.04

Hi my name is Graham Oulton,

I am a member of the Get Involved Group and at a meeting I volunteered to look into the issue of overgrown greens, grass verges and uneven pavements(tarmacked and slabbed). These are issues that affect many disabled people for a variety of reasons.

For me, my particular disability made me these issues very pertinent. I’m severely sighted and registered blind. Uneven pavements for me are a trip hazard and it makes it harder for my guide dog to find the path. Overgrown verges may have parasites in, which could make my dog ill and out of action. This would mean me using my white cane, which for me would limit my independence.

So I phoned the council, they did answer some questions and said they are under-staffed in the grass cutting area of employment and will ask for where the specific green or grass verge is that is overgrown and tell you when they are cutting grass in that area (of course this is seasonal). The uneven pavements (slabbed or tarmaced) was not answered so with the help of (Robin,Diane, Rohan). I contacted Councillor Graham Cox who is the Councillor in the Westbourne Area who is concerned with the problem of Uneven pavements in his area.

So the answer is to contact your councillor in your area.

If anyone complains about  Uneven Paving Slabs or tarmac they have to specify where the problem is and on what pavement (post code or road name helps the council to  locate the problem).

Some Uneven Paving has been caused by tree roots,the council will cut back the tree concerned but the roots spread outwards where as the new trees that are planted are boxed in  roots .

Over grown shrubbery from peoples gardens is the responsibility of the home owners or tenants of that property.



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