NHS Health Checks

The Get Involved Group (GIG)is a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) funded community engagement project at the Fed Centre for Independent Living. It aims get the voices of disabled people heard in identifying issues and helping define the solutions with service provision ion Brighton and Hove. GIG members are engaged through the both online and offline communications and offered the chance to participate at regular meetings, which cover a wide  range of topics.

As part of our ongoing commission as a funded engagement organisation, the Fed Centre for Independent Living was asked to conduct a consultation with disabled people on the topic of Health Checks.

We conducted the consultation between 12/03/14 – 03/04/15.  This topic proved popular amongst disabled people, with 46 responses gathered in total.  This included postal responses to the survey questions, online responses to a SurveyMonkey, telephone responses to the survey as well as responses given at the consultation meeting.

Our main findings were:

– Health Checks need to be more widely promoted and carried out in a way that alleviates fears around what the check involves.

– Health Checks should be available at flexible times and locations according to the patient’s needs.

– Health Checks need to be delivered in a way that raises awareness, is informative of healthier lifestyle choices and provides sufficient resources on where to go for further support. The information delivered must be tailored to the individual and delivered in a way that is comprehensible and accessible.

– Health Checks should be made available in community venues and be delivered to people in their own homes, where required.

– There should be more emphasis on dialogue with patients to understand the root causes of illnesses

The GIG have sent their report to the CCG with recommendations and will be keen to feed the responses to these back to all who engaged.

gig-consultation-health checks-01-04-15-minutes



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