Consultation meeting: Records Sharing 17/9/14

Want to have your say on how the NHS share your records?

Image of a women looking at records

This was the consultation meeting for the current consultation we are running on Records Sharing.

Please find the Minutes, Agenda, Powerpoint slides and the Report  below:

Records Sharing Agenda

GIG Consultation Minutes CCG Record Sharing 17.09.14

Records Sharing GIG 170914

records-sharing-consultation-report mental-wellbeing-strategy-report

This meeting featured a  presentation and Q&A with Becky Gayler of the CCG , followed by a discussion on the Consultation Questions, facilitated by Robin Pickett.

The meeting was well attended with some interesting responses. The report will be uploaded in the next two weeks.

For more info on the consultation please click here.


One comment on “Consultation meeting: Records Sharing 17/9/14
  1. At the end of this meeting some of the members had further questions they wished to be raised with Becky. Please find the responses below:

    Are dentists / opticians included in the sharing of records?
    o There are no plans at the moment for dentists or opticians to be included in records sharing. However for any dental or eye care service to share records via the NHS national network they would first need to meet stringent NHS confidentiality and security standards. If in the future records sharing with these professionals is considered, patient consent to share records would need to be obtained.

    · Where is the limit to where information is shared with healthcare professionals in training? Non-qualified staff should not be allowed access.
    o Staff are given access to records as required to support their professional role with the patient. The higher degree of clinical responsibility and decision-making rests with the staff member – the higher degree of records access. Some staff – such as junior doctors – will work with patients before they are fully qualified, but they are working under professional supervision. All staff access is subject to audit.

    · What are the ethical guidelines so we can determine which information is hidden?
    o The NHS Care Record Guarantee sets out the NHS commitment to patients concerning the way their health records are managed. For the privacy markings which patients may request to put on certain items in their GP record, patients would need to discuss this with their GP practice.

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