Transforming Primary Care

The Fed Centre for Independent Living was asked to conduct a Focus Group consultation with disabled people on the pre-chosen topic of ‘Transforming Primary Care’ for the CCG.

 We conducted the Focus Group consultation on 24th June , which was promoted amongst our member organisations, publicised on the SCIP/CVSF list, shared on our social media networks as well as to all of our users, who include disabled people with any kind of impairment, both children and adults, as well as carers and supporters of disabled people.

A total of 19 GIG members attended the focus group meeting. This is a great response rate, demonstrating our members’ willingness to support this consultation and feed in to the work of the project.

Our main findings were:

  • Consistently throughout the consultation, there was a clear need to access information on how to eat healthily on a minimal budget. This could either be through advice directly from a GP, or from support-group classes being offered more widely to patients.
  • There is a clear need for better awareness around the barriers patients face in accessing services. This could be resolved by providing training for Primary Care services in the social model of disability.
  • Primary Care services need to consider how they can respond to the individual issues stated by GIG members on the accessibility of their GP surgeries listed in the report.
  • There was a very positive response from those patients who had attended classes in self-management for their health-conditions. However, access to self-management opportunities and programmes need to be more widely available for patients, which would decrease the dependency on GP services.

The GIG have sent their report to the CCG with recommendations and will be keen to feed the responses to these back to all who engaged.

Transforming Primary Care report

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