What would you change about living in Brighton and Hove?

So come on guys, let’s have it!

What would you like to see change in Brighton and Hove that would make life easier?

Image of Brighton


4 comments on “What would you change about living in Brighton and Hove?
  1. zohra says:

    A card which allows free travel on trains – Londoners can use their bus pass for trains, underground and buses.

    • That’s a great idea. I wonder if that could be implemented? I wonder if a good starting point would be to contact the council around the use of buspasses@brighton-hove.gov.uk to see what they think of this idea if anyone wants to see where this goes?

    • Hi Zora, unfortunately outside of London systems aren’t integrated like they are in London i.e Transport for London. The railways outside of the capital city are completely sepearte from each other. The bus pass is run by local councils and the train stations are run by whichever train company is prevalent in that area for e.g. Southern in Brighton.
      I am aware that in Belfast, Northern Ireland they have one company running trains and buses so bus passes are valid on both services.

  2. Sarah Brown says:

    Perhaps this could be approached from a different angle, which wouldn’t be altogether free. The JCP provide train cards that give the user half price on train tickets. By using this card and travelling during off-peak hours, I’m able to buy a return ticket for London for just £8.20. Train companies already allow us a 1/3 discount with a disability card, but if we were able to put to council the idea that perhaps they could give disabled train users a half-price concession for all train services, it would be a huge help. We could always ask if two agencies could split the cost, such as the council funding half of the cost, and a government funding resource funding the other half. However, it might be that we would only be successful in getting half price tickets. At the moment, one can travel on all buses, including coastline, sussex and stagecoach buses free with the bus card. The travel times do tend to be lengthy, and the cards are currently not valid until 0930, having been adjusted from the previous time of 0900 early this year. People who need to be able to travel during peak hours could still save a significant amount if we could get half-price funding universally.

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